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Vanja Sky
Bad Penny

Vanja Sky - Bad Penny

Introducing Vanja Sky – the newest discovery by Ruf Records. For over 20 years, the label has been a fertile breeding ground for young blues talent, having already helped exceptional female artists such as Samantha Fish, Erja Lyytinen, Ana Popovic and Joanne Shaw Taylor achieve international success. Hailing from the Croatian capital of Zagreb, the singer/guitarist is part of the next wave of hungry, up-and-coming musicians from all corners of the globe who are diving into the blues with passion and energy.

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"Bad Penny"


  1. 1. Bad Penny
  2. 2. Hard Working Woman
  3. 3. Hit Me With The Blues
  4. 4. Low Down And Dirty
  5. 5. All Night
  6. 6. Inside Pain
  7. 7. Give Me Back My Soul
  8. 8. Lost Love
  9. 9. Do You Wanna?
  10. 10. Married Man
  11. 11. Dont Forget To Rock N Roll
  12. 12. Crossroads Of Life

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 06
    Hamburg, Germany Vanja Sky at Event Center Landhaus Walter Downtown Bluesclub
  • Mar 07
    Erfurt, Germany Vanja Sky at Museumskeller Erfurt
  • Mar 12
    Cologne, Germany Vanja Sky at Yard Club / Die Kantine
  • Mar 14
    Karlsruhe, Germany Vanja Sky with Bluesrock at Jubez - Großer Saal
  • Mar 18
    Salzburg, Austria Vanja Sky at Rockhouse
  • Mar 20
    Fürth, Germany Vanja Sky at Kofferfabrik
  • Mar 27
    Bremen, Germany Vanja Sky at Meisenfrei
  • Sep 12
    Unna, Germany Vanja Sky at Kühlschiff in der Lindenbrauerei
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