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Van She
Idea Of Happiness

Van She - Idea Of Happiness

Van She invite you to enjoy their second record, Idea Of Happiness, their most focused, joyous musical excursion to date. An album stirred by sunbaked travels and fleeting truths, and shaken with the sands of time, Idea Of Happiness was recorded, engineered and produced by the band themselves in Sydney, Australia and mixed in Los Angeles with Tony Hoffer, (Beck, Air, Phoenix and M83). Fluid tropical rhythms saturated in slinky synth bass and the atmosphere from mid-summer night dreams. Catamaran rock, whimsical Fleetwood Mac rips, and unapologetic love songs. This is Van She's Idea Of Happiness.

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"Idea Of Happiness"


  1. 1. Idea Of Happiness
  2. 2. Calypso
  3. 3. Jamaica
  4. 4. Sarah
  5. 5. Radio Waves I
  6. 6. You're My Rescue
  7. 7. Tears
  8. 8. Coconuts
  9. 9. Beat Of The Drum
  10. 10. Radio Waves II
  11. 11. We Move On