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Van Halen
Fair Warning (Reissue)

Van Halen - Fair Warning (Reissue)

Critically acclaimed 4th album from Van Halen. Certified double platinum and containing some of the fiercest, hardest music that Van Halen ever made, showcasing the coiled power of Van Halen better than any other album. Includes the single “Unchained” - still a radio staple 30+ years later. Remastered by engineer Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios, cutting straight from the quarter-inch tapes for CD & for 180-gram vinyl.

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  1. 1. Mean Street
  2. 2. “Dirty Movies”
  3. 3. Sinner's Swing!
  4. 4. Hear About It Later
  5. 5. Unchained
  6. 6. Push Comes To Shove
  7. 7. So This Is Love?
  8. 8. Sunday Afternoon In The Park
  9. 9. One Foot Out The Door

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