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Valerie June
The Order Of Time

Valerie June - The Order Of Time

Valerie June's eagerly awaited second album, The Order Of Time, justifies the immense promise she exhibited on her acclaimed debut, Pushin' Against A Stone. Unfolding like a novella, June sketches detailed, three-dimensional portraits of real people struggling with dreams, defeat, hope and life, in this 12-track song cycle. Musically, the genre-defying singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has redefined herself again, infusing inspirations like Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen and Fela Kuti into her unique blend of folk, blues, gospel and soul.

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"Astral Plane"


  1. 1. Long Lonely Road
  2. 2. Love You Once Made
  3. 3. Shake Down
  4. 4. If And
  5. 5. Man Done Wrong
  6. 6. The Front Door
  7. 7. Astral Plane
  8. 8. Just In Time
  9. 9. With You
  10. 10. Slip Slide On By
  11. 11. Two Hearts
  12. 12. Got Soul

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