New Releases For September 17, 2013


Ulcerate - Vermis

Underground extreme metal heroes, Auckland, New Zealand's Ulcerate make their Relapse debut with Vermis a pummeling, brain twisting example of just how creative and challenging the death metal genre can still be, without becoming obtuse or arty. Combining truly original dark atmospheric guitar work with powerful, blastbeat driven drums, Vermis achieves a wholly unlikely harmonization of Neurosis and Morbid Angel. Vermis is a genuine affirmation of how thrillingly brilliant extreme metal can be - an instant classic of forward thinking death metal.

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"Confronting Entropy"


  1. 1. Odium
  2. 2. Vermis
  3. 3. Clutching Revulsion
  4. 4. Weight Of Emptiness
  5. 5. Confronting Entropy
  6. 6. Fall To Opprobrium
  7. 7. The Imperious Weak
  8. 8. Cessation
  9. 9. Await Rescission

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