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Seven Deadly

UFO - Seven Deadly

Nothing would be easier for British rock legend UFO than to rest on their laurels. The band could easily release the occasional best-of album to earn a few additional royalties and otherwise content themselves with looking back at their exceptionally glorious past. And it certainly wouldn't be a problem for UFO to sell out tours on the strength of their legendary name with a great hoopla and low artistic values.

But idleness or indeed a musical standstill have always been out of the question for Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond, Andy Parker, and Vinnie Moore. These in equal measures experienced and ambitious musicians are interested in the present, their love of creativity and the active continuation of their celebrated band history. And now we can have Seven Deadly, the band's latest studio album which combines present and future with UFO's greatest fortes.

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"Fight Night"


  1. 1. Fight Night
  2. 2. Wonderland
  3. 3. Going Down To Mojo Town
  4. 4. Angel Station
  5. 5. Year Of the Gun
  6. 6. The Last Of The Stone Rider
  7. 7. Steal Yourself
  8. 8. Burn Your House Down
  9. 9. The Fear
  10. 10. Waving Goodbye

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