New Releases For March 6, 2012

Tyrone Wells
Where We Meet (Digital Only)

Tyrone Wells - Where We Meet (Digital Only)

Tyrone Wells' fourth full-length album, Where We Meet, ushers in a new beginning for the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter. Not only is it his first full-length release since leaving a major label, it signifies his next evolution. Embracing both sides of his sound, Wells seamlessly balances acoustic vulnerability and pop rock irresistibility over the course of eleven unforgettable anthems.

Ultimately, Where We Meet is the perfect place for Wells to start anew while keeping the same ethic that has won him his loyal fan base from his early independent days.

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  1. 1. Freedom
  2. 2. You're The One
  3. 3. I Can't Save You Now
  4. 4. Satellite
  5. 5. The Most
  6. 6. Head Over Heels
  7. 7. Run Away With Me
  8. 8. Where We Meet
  9. 9. Don't Be Afraid
  10. 10. You Still Love Me
  11. 11. A Way Out