New Releases For May 5, 2015

Alligator Years

Twinsmith - Alligator Years

Alligator Years expands upon the surfy haze of Twinsmith's 2013 eponymous album and "Honestly" single, with the band pushing themselves musically while moving toward a more dynamic pop sound. Each diverse track is imbued with an individual voice and style, and ranges from propulsive, melodic rock ("Seventeen"). There's a youthful sense of longing and exploration that permeates the album, which reflects on the highs and lows, advantages and disadvantages, hopes and fears of 20-something life with crafty, unassuming depth. Not just any band can examine anxiety, uncertainty, and commitment through tales of homicidal girlfriends and zombie apocalypses with such aplomb.

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"Alligator Years"


  1. 1. Seventeen
  2. 2. Alligator Years
  3. 3. Is It Me
  4. 4. Shut Me Out
  5. 5. Constant Love
  6. 6. Said And Done
  7. 7. Lost Time
  8. 8. Haunts
  9. 9. Dust
  10. 10. Carry On