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Twin Danger
Twin Danger

Twin Danger - Twin Danger

Twin Danger is Vanessa Bley, the daughter of renowned jazz pianist Paul Bley, who worked with Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, and Ornette Coleman, and hailing from Hull, England, Stuart Matthewman, who co–founded the group Sade. Stuart and Sade co–wrote many of the best–loved songs on the band’s multi–platinum albums including “Hang On To Your Love” and “Never As Good As The First Time.”

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"No One Knows"


  1. 1. Pointless Satisfaction
  2. 2. Coldest Kind Of Heart
  3. 3. I Love (Loving You)
  4. 4. Just Because
  5. 5. Save It
  6. 6. When It Counts
  7. 7. Sailor
  8. 8. In Many Ways
  9. 9. Past Yet Untold
  10. 10. You’re Everything
  11. 11. No One Knows
  12. 12. Take It From My Eye