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Truth & Salvage Co.
Pick Me Up

Truth & Salvage Co. - Pick Me Up

A legion of fans, including everyone from Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, who produced their first album, to the Avett Brothers, have all become followers. The band has played Bonnaroo and Stagecoach, had their TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel, and in his Rolling Stone review, David Fricke called it '...everything you need for a classic-rock party: muscular treble guitar, Hammond organ and four singer-songwriters harmonizing...'

Top 10 Band To Watch This Summer - USA Today.

'LOVE the first single!' - Robert Oermann/Music Row

'It's a terrific album.' - Craig Shelburne/CMT

'Love this band! Great sound, great songs!' - Steve Betts @ AOL THE BOOT

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"Appalachian Hilltop"


  1. 1. The Bad Times
  2. 2. Silver Lining
  3. 3. Bird On The Wing
  4. 4. Island
  5. 5. Appalachian Hilltop
  6. 6. Games
  7. 7. I'm Not Your Boyfriend
  8. 8. Back In Your Love
  9. 9. Pick Me Up
  10. 10. So Sad
  11. 11. Shady River
  12. 12. Middle Island Creek
  13. 13. All Stand Tall

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