New Releases For November 10, 2017

Heavy Is The Head

Tropidelic - Heavy Is The Head

The six-piece band from Cleveland may be far from any tropical islands but that doesn't stop them from dishing out an interesting mix of reggae, hip-hop and high energy funk for audiences across the country. Tropidelic has a deep and widespread appreciation for music that can be heard in each note. Some of the members are hip-hop heads, while others are into metal, funk or reggae. For their new release, Tropidelic carefully vetted what songs made it to the record, and featured songwriting efforts from members James and Darrick.

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"Dollar Saved"


  1. 1. Leviathan
  2. 2. Hey Now
  3. 3. Highs And Lows
  4. 4. Dollar Saved
  5. 5. Offer It Up
  6. 6. Festival Girl
  7. 7. The Recipe
  8. 8. Church
  9. 9. Lorain Lorain
  10. 10. Heavy Is The Head

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 24
    Albuquerque, NM, US Ballyhoo! with Bumpin Uglies and Tropidelic at Launchpad
  • Jul 26
    Dallas, TX, US Ballyhoo! with Bumpin Uglies and Tropidelic at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
  • Aug 09
    Medina, OH, US The Freakstomp Music Festival 2018
  • Aug 17
    Starks, ME, US Green Love Renaissance 2018
  • Aug 18
    Hampton Beach, NH, US Summer in the 603 Music Fest 2018
  • Aug 19
    Lockport, NY, US Tropidelic, Ballyhoo!, and Handsome Jack at Spring Lake Winery
  • Aug 25
    Cleveland, OH, US InCuya Music Festival 2018
  • Sep 05
    St Louis, MO, US Dumpstaphunk and Tropidelic at Delmar Hall
  • Sep 14
    Philadelphia, PA, US Tropidelic with Behind Deadlines at Milkboy Philly
  • Sep 15
    Babylon, NY, US Tropidelic at Moon Chaser Bay Tours
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