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Trixie Whitley
Fourth Corner

Trixie Whitley - Fourth Corner

Trixie Whitley burst into public consciousness in 2011 as the lead singer of Black Dub, super-producer Daniel Lanois' (U2, Bob Dylan) project, blowing people away with a voice and presence beyond her now-25 years. And it's that voice: an emotional, blues-drenched instrument that ranges from a lilting slap to a knock-you-backwards uppercut.

On Fourth Corner, Whitley explores the range of human emotion in another set of four: utter love, total rage, unadulterated happiness, and crippling loneliness.

'It's those elements of life I keep coming back to,' she says. 'Both as a person and musically as well.'

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"Breathe You In My Dreams"


  1. 1. Irene
  2. 2. Never Enough
  3. 3. Pieces
  4. 4. Need Your Love
  5. 5. Silent Rebel PT. 2
  6. 6. Breathe You In My Dreams
  7. 7. Gradual Return
  8. 8. Hotel No Name
  9. 9. Morelia
  10. 10. Fourth Corner
  11. 11. Oh, The Joy

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 11
    Brussels, Belgium Sophia with Trixie Whitley and Roscoe at Botanique - Chapiteau
  • Apr 17
    Genk, Belgium Little Waves 2021
  • Apr 29
    Brussels, Belgium Sophia and Trixie Whitley with Roscoe at Botanique - Chapiteau
  • Jul 24
    Deurne, Belgium Trixie Whitley at OLT Rivierenhof
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