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Trash Talk

Trash Talk - 119

Forwards ever, backwards never. In a perfect world, those four words would tell you everything you need to know about Sacramento thrash-punk juggernaut Trash Talk. But in a perfect world, these four furious scions of guitar-wrought destruction wouldn't exist. Lee, Garrett, Spencer and Sam are fueled by our ugly, and they give it back in spades. The Trash Talk live grind is a notorious thing - an anarchic, energetic and often painful paean to otherwise oppressed angst that's unsurprisingly found footing all over the world.


  1. 1. Eat The Cycle
  2. 2. Exile On Broadway
  3. 3. My Rules
  4. 4. F.E.B.N.
  5. 5. Uncivil Disobedience
  6. 6. Blossom & Burn
  7. 7. Reasons
  8. 8. Fuck Nostalgia
  9. 9. Apathy
  10. 10. Thanks, But No Thanks
  11. 11. Bad Habits
  12. 12. Swing To Pieces
  13. 13. For The Lesser Good
  14. 14. The Dogman

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 24
    Seattle, WA, US Denzel Curry with Trash Talk at El Corazon
  • Nov 01
    Mesa, AZ, US Denzel Curry and Trash Talk with Zack Villere at Club Red - East Theater
  • Nov 02
    San Diego, CA, US Denzel Curry, Trash Talk, and student 1 at Soma Sidestage
  • Nov 03
    Las Vegas, NV, US Action Bronson with Trash Talk at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
  • Nov 09
    Milwaukee, WI, US Action Bronson with Trash Talk at The Rave/Eagles Club
  • Nov 10
    Detroit, MI, US Action Bronson and Trash Talk at The Fillmore Detroit
  • Nov 11
    Lansing, MI, US Trash Talk at Mac's Bar
  • Nov 12
    Chicago, IL, US Trash Talk at Cobra Lounge
  • Nov 13
    Iowa City, IA, US In the Mouth of Radness, Closet Witch, and Trash Talk at Gabe's Oasis
  • Nov 15
    Boulder, CO, US Action Bronson with Trash Talk at Boulder Theater
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