New Releases For September 10, 2013

Toy Soldiers
The Maybe Boys

Toy Soldiers - The Maybe Boys

The Maybe Boys was a record made to capture the rowdy, electrifying and relentless live nature of a Toy Soldiers show.

Stealthily jumping around from untamed garage, rock, and soul, to surreal country swing, to tongue in cheek early rock n' roll love songs, to afro-cuban groove, all tied together by a loose vibe fitting to that of the cover photo taken after one long night spent in New Orleans.

All complete with hoots and hollers, this record is a sentimental rager and a darn good time.

TAGS: Americana

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"Red Dress"


  1. 1. Tell The Teller
  2. 2. Been Here All My Days
  3. 3. Heart In A Mousetrap
  4. 4. Forget How It Used To Be
  5. 5. This Old Town
  6. 6. Red Dress
  7. 7. I'm Your Woman
  8. 8. Away We Go
  9. 9. Maybe
  10. 10. Weeping Willow
  11. 11. Laughing Pain
  12. 12. Tomorrow To Today