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Toxic Holocaust
Chemistry Of Consciousness

Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry Of Consciousness

Toxic Holocaust return with their best record yet. Chemistry of Consciousness is 11 songs of revved up high-energy punk-metal recorded by the band themselves and mixed by Kurt Ballou for the most outstanding record in their aleady near perfect discography. Chemistry of Consciousness is the sound of Discharge on speed, Nuclear Assault with a punk rock chip on its shoulder, the Dwarves on a Metallica overdose - the perfect marriage of punk angst and metal guitar licks and hooks. If there's one thing the punks and the heshers will agree on in 2013, it's that Toxic Holocaust's Chemistry of Consciousness is a rager.

TAGS: Metal | Punk | Thrash

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"Out Of The Fire"


  1. 1. Awaken The Serpent
  2. 2. Silence
  3. 3. Rat Eater
  4. 4. Salvation Is Waiting
  5. 5. Out Of The Fire
  6. 6. Acid Fuzz
  7. 7. Deny The Truth
  8. 8. Mkultra
  9. 9. I Serve...
  10. 10. International Conspiracy
  11. 11. Chemistry Of Consciousness

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 25
    Tolmin, Slovenia Metaldays 2021
  • Aug 10
    Jaroměř, Czech Republic Brutal Assault 2021
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