New Releases For May 13, 2016

Cradle The Rage

Toseland - Cradle The Rage

If the name looks familiar it is because Toseland are a band fronted by double world superbike champion James Toseland. Throughout his career as a motorbike racer, music was been central to James' life – so when James was forced to retire due to an injury his journey into music started. The release of Toseland’s previous album Renegade and two years of constant touring has established Toseland as one of the most exciting new UK rock acts. Renegade spawned multiple radio hits. Here comes the new album Cradle The Rage, which marks a big step in James Toseland’s career.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"We’ll Stop At Nothing"


  1. 1. Too Close To Call
  2. 2. Puppet On A Chain
  3. 3. Living In A Moment
  4. 4. Fingers Burned
  5. 5. Stranger Things
  6. 6. We’ll Stop At Nothing
  7. 7. Never Love Another
  8. 8. Livin’ A Lie
  9. 9. Waiting For The Answers
  10. 10. Nothin’ You Can Do About It
  11. 11. Cradle The Rage