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Three Futures

Torres - Three Futures

Torres is the creative alter-ego of Brooklyn-based Mackenzie Scott. In describing the new album Three Futures, Scott says it “is entirely about using the body that each of us has been given as a mechanism of joy”. The 10 original tracks on Three Futures embrace ecstasy, desire and indulgence rather than self-denial, and exude this idea via immersive music. Mechanized grooves are placed at the forefront, providing a framework for perforated electro-pop static, harsh gothic/industrial textures, and insistent Krautrock motifs.

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"Helen In The Woods"


  1. 1. Tongue Slap Your Brains Out
  2. 2. Skim
  3. 3. Three Futures
  4. 4. Righteous Woman
  5. 5. Greener Stretch
  6. 6. Helen In The Woods
  7. 7. Bad Baby Pie
  8. 8. Marble Focus
  9. 9. Concrete Ganesha
  10. 10. To Be Given A Body

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 19
    Lisbon, Portugal Super Bock Super Rock 2018
  • Jul 19
    Leeuwarden, Netherlands Welcome To The Village 2018
  • Jul 20
    Salacgriva, Latvia Positivus 2018
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