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Tori Amos
Gold Dust

Tori Amos - Gold Dust

What better way to commemorate the 20-year career of an artist who has sold over 12 million albums, played over a thousand shows, won numerous awards and more importantly, touched the lives of millions of fans than with a new album paying tribute to her past?

Gold Dust is a personal journey through the Amos songbook that reaffirms the timelessness of her music. Tori Amos re-imagines a personally handpicked collection of songs spanning her entire catalogue. The new album features reworkings of songs in orchestral setting which Amos recorded with the renowned Metropole Ochestra, conducted by Jules Buckley.

Available on CD and Deluxe version CD/DVD.


  1. 1. Flavor
  2. 2. Yes, Anastasia
  3. 3. Jackie's Strength
  4. 4. Cloud On My Tongue
  5. 5. Precious Things
  6. 6. Gold Dust
  7. 7. Star Of Wonder
  8. 8. Winter
  9. 9. Flying Dutchman
  10. 10. Programmable Soda
  11. 11. Snow Cherries From France
  12. 12. Marianne
  13. 13. Silent All These Years
  14. 14. Girl Disappearing

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