New Releases For February 24, 2015


Torche - Restarter

Heavy rock titans Torche make their Relapse debut with the thunderous Restarter, a ten song triumph of an album. Torche rose to popularity merging huge infectious melodies with downtuned, crushing sludgey rock and on Restarter they've perfected the marriage. This is a record that is simultaneously hum-able and heavy that will just as easily appeal to fans of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth as it will Melvins and High On Fire-heads. But what truly sets Torche apart from their peers is their ability to use top-notch songwriting and soaring, harmonic vocals to create records that are heavier and louder and hookier than anyone else out there.

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  1. 1. Annihilation Affair
  2. 2. Bishop In Arms
  3. 3. Minions
  4. 4. Loose Men
  5. 5. Undone
  6. 6. Blasted
  7. 7. No Servants
  8. 8. Believe It
  9. 9. Barrier Hammer
  10. 10. Restarter

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 26
    Nassau, Bahamas SS Neverender - Coheed Cruise 2020
  • Dec 03
    Biarritz, France Russian Circles and Torche at L'Atabal
  • Dec 05
    Orléans, France Russian Circles with Torche at L'Astrolabe
  • Apr 01
    Oslo, Norway Inferno Metal Festival 2021
  • Oct 29
    Gainesville, FL, US FEST 2021
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