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Torben Freytag
Life As It Is (2000-2010)

Torben Freytag - Life As It Is (2000-2010)

Torben Freytag will be a familiar name to the hordes of guitar pop lovers throughout the world. As leader of Swedish bands Little Red Snapper and Dorian Gray (Zip Records), Torben was asked by prominent Swedish label Promising Records to provide a retrospective for his career (so far!). Torben has collected 16 of his finest songs, including a few precious new ones. Many of the tracks were produced by Swedish pop legends The Merrymakers (David Myhr & Anders Hellgren) and listeners will hear their contributions in the songs' shimmering melodic crescendos.

'One realizes the extent of [Torben's] mastery of squeezing in as much melody and passion, clever hooks and glorious sounds as possible in three-four minutes..... this is the summer's Swedish pop album.' - Kultur (July 2010)

'Torben Freytag's voice is a potent cocktail of David Bowie and Gene Pitney' - Bucketfull of Brains (2006)

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"Life As It Is"


  1. 1. This Boy That Girl
  2. 2. Faded Memory
  3. 3. Swedish Memory (Everybody Needs A Home)
  4. 4. The End Of The Century
  5. 5. A Day Called You
  6. 6. Danced One Summer
  7. 7. There Is A Light
  8. 8. Life As It Is
  9. 9. Heroin
  10. 10. Teacher's Pet
  11. 11. In Every Page
  12. 12. We Could Be Stars
  13. 13. Wrong Side Of Town
  14. 14. People