New Releases For April 29, 2014

After Hours

Timeflies - After Hours

Timeflies started in 2010, and after releasing only singles, on September 19, 2011, released their debut album, The Scotch Tape. Cal and Rez also started Timeflies Tuesday a series in which they are able to stay connected with fans by releasing remixes, performing live covers and freestyling over original beats. Timeflies released Under The Influence, a 6 track sample-based mix-tape, in July 2012. They are now pleased to present their latest release, After Hours, which includes guests: T Pain, Fabolous, and Katie Sky.

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"Monsters (Featuring Katie Sky)"


  1. 1. Start It Up Again
  2. 2. All We Got Is Time
  3. 3. Somebody Gon Get It (Featuring T Pain)
  4. 4. Crystal Ball
  5. 5. Fall (Featuring Fabolous)
  6. 6. All the Way
  7. 7. Swoon
  8. 8. Monsters (Featuring Katie Sky)
  9. 9. Beast
  10. 10. I Choose U
  11. 11. Yeah