New Releases For January 24, 2012

Tim McGraw
Emotional Traffic

Tim McGraw - Emotional Traffic

Emotional Traffic is the highly anticipated new album that Tim McGraw proclaims his best ever. The album delivers the proven number one single, 'Felt Good On My Lips,' as well as the brand new single, 'Better Than I Used To Be.'

Additional standout tracks include the catchy and inspiring, 'Touchdown Jesus,' the celebrity penned (Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Brad Warren, Brett Warren), 'I Will Not Fall Down,' and 'Only Human' which features pop/R&B star, Ne-Yo.

Emotional Traffic adds to the already successful collection of releases from McGraw that have sold over forty million copies.

TAGS: Country

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"Better Than I Used To Be"


  1. 1. Halo
  2. 2. Right Back At Ya
  3. 3. One Part Two Part
  4. 4. I Will Not Fall Down
  5. 5. The One
  6. 6. Better Than I Used To Be
  7. 7. Touchdown Jesus
  8. 8. The One That Got Away
  9. 9. Felt Good On My Lips
  10. 10. Hey Now
  11. 11. Only Human
  12. 12. Die By My Own Hand