New Releases For October 8, 2013

Tim Kasher
Adult Film

Tim Kasher - Adult Film

Since 1997, Tim Kasher has released 12 full-length albums both as a solo artist and with his bands Cursive and The Good Life.

Adult Film is more thematically elastic than any other of his recent albums, and spans songs that reflect on matters such as aging and mortality, growing up and growing older, and how these things impact our relationships.

Musically, the new album plays down the orchestral element of his lush debut solo album and offers a more direct, yet no less affecting, blend of rock and pop. Mixed by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Wye Oak) in Dallas.

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"Truly Freaking Out"


  1. 1. American Lit
  2. 2. Truly Freaking Out
  3. 3. Where's Your Heart Lie
  4. 4. The Willing Cuckold
  5. 5. Life And Limbo
  6. 6. Lay Down Your Weapons
  7. 7. You Scare Me To Death
  8. 8. A Raincloud Is A Raincloud
  9. 9. A Looping Distress Signal
  10. 10. A Lullaby, Sort Of

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