New Releases For August 20, 2013

Tim Easton
Not Cool

Tim Easton - Not Cool

Tim Easton's new album Not Cool is a tightly wound gearbox of tunes that showcase his influences, including Doc Watson, Elmore James, and Keith Richards. A compelling live performer, Easton recently re-located from Joshua Tree, California, to Nashville, where he recorded Not Cool in five hard-charging days with producers and longtime collaborative team Robin Eaton and Brad Jones.

Says Easton, 'It was the easiest time I've ever had in the studio.'

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"Don't Lie"


  1. 1. Don't Lie
  2. 2. Troubled Times
  3. 3. Lickety Split
  4. 4. Tired And Hungry
  5. 5. Little Doggie (1962)
  6. 6. Four Queens
  7. 7. Crazy Motherfucker From Shelby, Ohio
  8. 8. They Will Bury You
  9. 9. Gallatin Pike Blues
  10. 10. Not Cool
  11. 11. Knock Out Roses (For Levon)