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Tim Bowman Jr.

Tim Bowman Jr. - Beautiful

Blessed to have been born into this highly talented and musical family, Tim Bowman Jr. is the next in line to make his mark in a genre that his family before has held high profile through the years with his debut recording Beautiful.

Following in the footsteps of his father Tim Bowman and Aunt Vickie Winans, Jr. blows the box with this brilliant collection of gospel gems that features the mega talents of Vickie Winans, Pastor Marvin L. Winans, Josiah Winans and Dorinda Clark-Cole.

The deck is stacked and Beautiful is ready to not merely make its mark but leave an imprint on the foundation that has been solidly laid by his family before him.

TAGS: Gospel | Neo Soul | R&B | Soul

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"He Will"


  1. 1. Throw It Away
  2. 2. Free
  3. 3. Sunday Morning
  4. 4. Beautiful
  5. 5. Healer
  6. 6. He Will
  7. 7. Looking For Love
  8. 8. Promise
  9. 9. I'll Try
  10. 10. Fell In Love
  11. 11. Running Back To You
  12. 12. I'm Here
  13. 13. Abide With Me Medley