New Releases For February 1, 2011

Tiger Riot
Look Up!

Tiger Riot - Look Up!

Tiger Riot, has burst forth with the release of their album, Look Up!, from Brookvale Records. It's an entertaining and positive effort showcasing the talents of Long Island natives Alexander, Frederick, Daniel, Christopher and Vincent. Although power pop might be the initial label bestowed on their music, a closer listen will reveal punk and post-hardcore overtones with influences of Circa Survive and The Dear Hunter.

The 10-song collection features a variety of moods and emotions, opening with perhaps the slowest of the tracks, 'Time Is On Your Side.' The pace then changes up quickly with 'Damn These Electric Sex Pants,' highlighting wild guitars and eruptions of synth. 'These Awful Words' changes things up yet again by introducing just a small taste of an organ, before moving on to the solid offerings of 'Smash Adams' and 'Daewoo on Fire.'

Overall, the album is an ambitious undertaking with so many different textures and sounds to each track, and is surely a release that will help to set this band apart from others of their time and genre.

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"Damn These Electric Sex Pants!"


  1. 1. Time Is On Your Side
  2. 2. Damn These Electric Sex Pants!
  3. 3. Daewoo On Fire
  4. 4. A Penny Saved Is A Penny Saved
  5. 5. Smash Adams
  6. 6. These Awful Words
  7. 7. A Center For Ants
  8. 8. Shadows In G Major
  9. 9. Starship Troopers: The Shower Scene
  10. 10. The Trap