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Through The Sparks
Almanac (MMX) Year Of Beasts

Through The Sparks - Almanac (MMX) Year Of Beasts

Almanac (MMX), Year of Beasts, is a collection of 12 singles released over the course of 2010, monthly, by Through the Sparks. It's a kind of transitional record to usher in the revitalized Through the Sparks. The 'almanac' is arranged chronologically, sequenced from January through December, as the songs were released. While all the songs are fully-realized, it definitely gains size and momentum toward the end, as 12 songs start to serve a greater whole.

'The aforementioned album (Worm Moon Waning) and the monthly issue of mostly stellar singles last year (Almanac) indicate that T the S mine the same rich vein MGMT and The Flaming Lips do, so it's only fair to note that our local heroes struck more nuggets on Worm Moon Waning than MGMT ever did with their sophomore effort.' - Black & White (Birmingham)

TAGS: Indie Rock

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"Chisel And Pick"


  1. 1. Devil Suit
  2. 2. The Laughter And Lulls
  3. 3. Quinlin Castle
  4. 4. A Waltz In B
  5. 5. Enemies
  6. 6. Spun Headlong Into The Wild Black Yonder
  7. 7. 40-Watt Lies
  8. 8. The Challenger II
  9. 9. Bermuda Blades
  10. 10. Chisel And Pick
  11. 11. Company Cars
  12. 12. Squares