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The Elk

Thränenkind - The Elk

Having released a demo (2008) and a split-CD with Heretoir, The Elk is the first full-length for the quintet. The earlier recordings had more (post) black metal and shoegaze influences, while their Lifeforce Records debut album contains touches of crust and hardcore punk. But The Elk is offering also five formidable instrumental post rock songs with a melancholic yet beautiful atmosphere, too.

*Just like Profane Existence Magazine wrote: 'Thranekind is all about atmosphere, not blazing speed or brutality. They remind me a bit of Wolves in the Throne Room without the black metal, but have a lot in common with Celestiial.'

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"This Story Of Permanence"


  1. 1. Monument
  2. 2. Just Another Way Of Expressing Defeat
  3. 3. The King Is Dead
  4. 4. My Transparent Heart
  5. 5. Today, The Sea (Anja's Song)
  6. 6. Deleting Those Three Words
  7. 7. Eternal Youth
  8. 8. Seven Dead Horses
  9. 9. Silence Is Everything
  10. 10. Forest Part I (The Veil)
  11. 11. Forest Part II (The Grove)
  12. 12. This Story Of Permanence
  13. 13. The Elk