New Releases For January 8, 2013

Thorcraft Cobra
Count It In

Thorcraft Cobra - Count It In

Full of beefy power pop riffs ('Count Me Out'), thoughtful ballads recalling seventies Pink Floyd ('Another Day') and gushingly groovy dance floor gems ('Party Clock'), Thorcraft Cobra's debut, Count It In is ready made for radio and/or long car rides. Count It In features guest performances from some of the band's friends including Russell Mael (Sparks), Steve McDonald (Redd Kross), Mahsa Zargaran (Big Black Delta, Omniflux, Sabrosa Purr) and Will Love (Sabrosa Purr).

TAGS: Indie Pop

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"Count Me Out"


  1. 1. Count Me Out
  2. 2. Another Day
  3. 3. Party Clock
  4. 4. True Love
  5. 5. Dark Willows, Bright Flowers
  6. 6. Black Swan (It's All Inside of You)
  7. 7. Bemused, Bored and Deranged
  8. 8. Obsession
  9. 9. Oh Melody!
  10. 10. I'm Not Sorry
  11. 11. Forget The Photograph
  12. 12. I'm Putting Your Toys Away
  13. 13. You'll Get Nothing
  14. 14. Party Clock