New Releases For February 19, 2013

Thomas Hine
Forgive My Future

Thomas Hine - Forgive My Future

Forgive My Future is the latest album from Thomas Hine, a folk/roots musician from Colorado. Following on the well-received Into The Bottomlands (2011), the album deals with a wide range of topics, from Colorado history, to challenging relationships, and even the loss of mountains.

Perhaps leaning towards the lo-fi side in terms of production, Forgive My Future provides evidence of Thomas' progression as a songwriter and reveals his gift for transforming unique perspective into simple, moving compositions. The album also features a collaboration with the amazing Swedish artist, I'm Kingfisher.

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  1. 1. Dance For Days
  2. 2. Owen
  3. 3. I Climbed The Mountain
  4. 4. Old Troubles
  5. 5. Bright Shining Mountains
  6. 6. Dance Harder
  7. 7. Tomorrow I Have My Doubts
  8. 8. Conquistadores (Lucky Boy Steven)
  9. 9. Ploughman
  10. 10. Should Have Stayed At Home
  11. 11. Dance Harder (Bonus Demo)

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