New Releases For March 26, 2013

Thom Chacon
Thom Chacon

Thom Chacon - Thom Chacon

Thom Chacon has garnered a worldwide fan base with his poignant blend of Americana and rock. This dark cowboy is a natural storyteller. The twelve songs on his new album traverse themes of gritty redemption and hard times, over a lush backdrop of acoustic guitar, harmonica, and Bob Dylan's rhythm section (Tony Garnier, George Recile).

'...I was instantly transported to a lowly barroom in southwest Colorado listening to the heart and soul of one of the most promising songwriters of our time...I detected the influence of Bob Dylan, but then my ear picked up on influences like John Prine and Steve Earle' - Joe Mack, Currentland

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"American Dream"


  1. 1. Innocent Man
  2. 2. American Dream
  3. 3. Juarez, Mexico
  4. 4. A Life Beyond Here
  5. 5. Chasing The Pain
  6. 6. Alcohol
  7. 7. Ain't Gonna Take Us Alive
  8. 8. Big River
  9. 9. Amy
  10. 10. No More Trouble
  11. 11. Bus Drivin' Blues
  12. 12. Grant County Side