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Thobbe Englund
Before The Storm (Deluxe Reissue)

Thobbe Englund - Before The Storm (Deluxe Reissue)

As a Thobbe Englund watched Yngwie Malmsteen shred his socks off in an instructional video, and from that moment on he knew what to do with his life. His burning passion led him to gain 100% control of the guitar - and this is where the journey starts. In 2008 Thobbe joined the Swedish band Raubtier, however he felt playing bass (which he played in Raubtier) was not expressive enough, so in 2012 when Sabaton called, it was a no brainer to join. During his time with Sabaton he wrote this album to express his own idea of rock music.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"The Great White Open"


  1. 1. The End Of Oil
  2. 2. The End Of The Storm
  3. 3. Our $oil
  4. 4. Waiting For The Water
  5. 5. Mons Spiritus
  6. 6. The Great White Open
  7. 7. Sixteen
  8. 8. Broken Dreams
  9. 9. Inspiration Well
  10. 10. San Francisco
  11. 11. I Know You Don`t Mind
  12. 12. Ain’t It Grand
  13. 13. The Ghost Of Maria
  14. 14. As Time Goes By
  15. 15. The Freak At The Sideshow
  16. 16. Why The Rum Is Always Gone
  17. 17. Home To A Pirate
  18. 18. Saturday Night In Hell
  19. 19. She Brings The Horizon
  20. 20. Obrigado

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