New Releases For August 3, 2010

Thieves And Villains
South America

Thieves And Villains - South America

When it came to writing South America, Thieves And Villains decided to sculpt the album as if they were the only four people on earth to hear it. Looking for a new sense of direction, Thieves And Villains mentally escaped to a beautiful hiding place that they named South America. The band found that this venture in their collective minds would allow them be free, which in-turn, helped create music that excited them, and that they would ultimately fall in love with.

However, the record was still being created under the same confines as many bands today; a spastic sinking ship of a country that has never been as stressed out, paranoid, or misled as it is right now... an America that is truly going 'South.' The result of this is the album title that came to represent the dichotomy of one location being both the place you hate and love the most; the place you escape to, yet the place you despise.

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"Virginia Woolf"


  1. 1. 16 Hits
  2. 2. Song For Dean Moriarty
  3. 3. Virginia Woolf
  4. 4. I Want A Friend Like You
  5. 5. Drunk In Amsterdam
  6. 6. Island Waterfall Blues
  7. 7. Youth
  8. 8. Central Park
  9. 9. Some May Call It Rain
  10. 10. The Ascetic Life Is The Life For Me
  11. 11. American Boy
  12. 12. South America
  13. 13. South Street Hymnal