New Releases For March 6, 2020

5 Years Behind

THICK - 5 Years Behind

THICK is a Brooklyn-based punk trio featuring Nikki Sisti (guitar, vocals), Kate Black (bass, vocals, guitar), and Shari Page (drums, vocals). Their debut album, 5 Years Behind, came to life at Studio G Brooklyn with producer/engineer Joel Hamilton (Iggy Pop, Jolie Holland). In concert, THICK aspire to strengthen the palpable sense of inclusivity that’s defined their shows from the start. “We want people to feel safe in the mosh pit, and hopefully connect with each other,” says Page. “We’ve made so many friends at the shows we’ve played, and we’d love it if people could build some kind of community from coming to see us.”

TAGS: Pop Punk | Punk | Rock

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"5 Years Behind"


  1. 1. 5 Years Behind
  2. 2. Sleeping Through The Weekend
  3. 3. Bumming Me Out
  4. 4. Fake News
  5. 5. Home
  6. 6. Mansplain
  7. 7. WHUB
  8. 8. Won't Back Down
  9. 9. Can't Be Friends
  10. 10. Your Mom
  11. 11. Party With Me