New Releases For June 21, 2011

These Hearts
Forever Ended Yesterday

These Hearts - Forever Ended Yesterday

These Hearts reflects the tradition and urgency that propelled bands like Hawthorne Heights and Taking Back Sunday when they were at their peaks, coupled with where A Day To Remember currently sits. The musical similarities also exist in their emotional, youthful angst riding a rollercoaster of breakdowns, harmonies and screams with an infectious, underlying harmony.

Their fantastic debut, Forever Ended Yesterday, was produced by Chiodos' frontman Craig Owens. Forever Ended Yesterday is loaded with magnetically addictive hooks, high energy guitars, gritty heaviness, mixed with post-hardcore rhythms, and heartfelt songwriting. These Hearts will enter the hearts and minds of young rock fans in short order.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk

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"Apology Rejected"


  1. 1. Apology Rejected
  2. 2. Quitting While You're Behind
  3. 3. Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt
  4. 4. Romans 15
  5. 5. Self Respect
  6. 6. Forever Ended Yesterday
  7. 7. Are Your Mad?
  8. 8. She'd Like To Wear Pants, But She Can't Fit Into Mine
  9. 9. Live To The Point Of Tears
  10. 10. Thinking In Terms Of Two
  11. 11. Dime A Dozen