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The Wytches
All Your Happy Life

The Wytches - All Your Happy Life

The Wytches’ second album, All Your Happy Life, draws on a lifetime’s worth of new experiences shoehorned into two whirlwind years since their acclaimed debut album Annabel Dream Reader. There’s no difficult second album syndrome here. This black-hearted set is a combination of heavy comedown psychedelia and bilious and brilliant baroque ‘n’ roll. It’s portentous and scathing. Scabrous and bold. Utterly nihilistic.

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  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. C-Side
  3. 3. Can’t Face It
  4. 4. A Feeling We Get
  5. 5. Throned
  6. 6. Ghost House
  7. 7. Bone Weary
  8. 8. Crest Of Death
  9. 9. A Dead Night Again
  10. 10. Dumb Fill
  11. 11. Home

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 17
    Tours, France Aucard de Tours - 35ème édition 2020
  • Nov 28
    Leeds, UK Live At Leeds 2020
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