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The Whigs
Modern Creation

The Whigs - Modern Creation

For their fifth album, the Athens-bred/Nashville-based power trio the Whigs wanted to find the exact midpoint between raw and rehearsed. After more than a decade together - during which they've released four critically lauded studio albums and toured constantly as either headliners or openers for the likes of the Drive-By Truckers, Kings of Leon and MGMT - the three members all agreed that they wanted to flex their muscles a bit: write some goods songs, get them down as tights as possible, hit RECORD, and tear shit up.

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"Hit Me"


  1. 1. You Should Be Able To Feel It
  2. 2. Asking Strangers For Directions
  3. 3. The Particular
  4. 4. Hit Me
  5. 5. Modern Creation
  6. 6. Friday Night
  7. 7. She Is Everywhere
  8. 8. Too Much In The Morning
  9. 9. I Couldn't Lie
  10. 10. The Difference Between One And Two

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