New Releases For August 31, 2010

The Weepies
Be My Thrill

The Weepies - Be My Thrill

Celebrated California duo The Weepies return with Be My Thrill, the follow up to 2008's critically acclaimed sophomore album Hideaway. Their deepest, most accessible album yet, Be My Thrill is a collection of 14 tracks that crystallize the pair's organic acoustic sound and pop harmonies. Bouncing lead single 'I Was Made For Sunny Days' is bound to have listeners humming along instantly.

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"I Was Made For Sunny Days"


  1. 1. Please Speak Well Of Me
  2. 2. When You Go Away
  3. 3. Red Red Rose
  4. 4. I Was Made For Sunny Days
  5. 5. They're In Love, Where Am I?
  6. 6. Add My Effort
  7. 7. Be My Thrill
  8. 8. Be My Honeypie
  9. 9. Hummingbird
  10. 10. Hard to Please
  11. 11. Not A Lullaby
  12. 12. How Do You Get High?
  13. 13. Hope Tomorrow
  14. 14. Empty Your Hands