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The Warriors
See How You Are

The Warriors - See How You Are

The Warriors are back with a passion to fill the void of genuinely heartfelt music lacking nowadays. Their brand of hardcore is equally influenced by Rage Against The Machine and crossover thrash as it is youth crew and metallic hardcore. With their fourth full length album, See How You Are, The Warriors are equipped to once again endlessly tour the globe and deliver their honest and insightful message.

See How You Are continues The Warriors' disregard for how hardcore songs 'should' be written and builds on their rock-edged take on hardcore with bigger breakdowns, better riffs and more overt emotion. They help to define hardcore with their attitude and approach to music while simultaneously reaching far beyond the boundaries of the genre.

See How You Are is the most sincere, brutal, groove induced, and all around best sounding record The Warriors have ever accomplished.

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"The War Unseen"


  1. 1. See How You Are
  2. 2. The War Unseen
  3. 3. Seize The Fire
  4. 4. Pit Of Shame
  5. 5. Mental Chains
  6. 6. Where I Stand
  7. 7. Here We Go Again
  8. 8. Subrise El Muerto
  9. 9. Panic
  10. 10. The Enforcer
  11. 11. Along The Way