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The Virginmarys

The Virginmarys - Divides

Highly charged with political vitriol, the Virginmarys channel their dissolution with government, societies, modern culture into their power packed songs. They're here to start a dialogue, their lyrics are meant to both inspire and provoke. More than just being political, the band looks at the world around them and makes a comment to their listeners it's about being engaged, involved in the world, and caring about what they see. And what do they see? Control and divides with governments, wars, people.

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"Motherless Land"


  1. 1. Push The Pedal
  2. 2. For You My Love
  3. 3. Halo In Her Silhouette
  4. 4. Free To Do Whatever They Say
  5. 5. I Wanna Take You Home
  6. 6. Walk In My Shoes
  7. 7. Kill The Messenger
  8. 8. Into Dust
  9. 9. Moths To A Flame
  10. 10. Falling Down
  11. 11. Motherless Land
  12. 12. Living In My Peace

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