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The Urban Renewal Project
21st Century Ghost

The Urban Renewal Project - 21st Century Ghost

The Urban Renewal Project is the debut signing of Fastrac Records, a new label from Resonance Records focused on contemporary and emerging artists in jazz, pop, soul, hip-hop and beyond. 21st Century Ghost is a genre-bending meditation on isolation in the era of hyperconnectivity featuring nine guest vocalists that run the gamut from legendary rap duo Camp Lo to indie pop princess Gavin Turek.

TAGS: Funk | R&B | Rap/Hip-Hop | Soul

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"Don't Ask Y (Featuring Camp Lo)"


  1. 1. Overture
  2. 2. Newsflash (Featuring Elmer Demond)
  3. 3. Hide (Featuring Elmer Demond)
  4. 4. Don't Ask Y (Featuring Camp Lo)
  5. 5. Armor Love (Featuring Gavin Turek)
  6. 6. Road To Victory (Featuring Hugh Augustine & Alex Nester)
  7. 7. Wait For Me (Featuring T.J. Wilkins)
  8. 8. Another Day (Featuring Alex Nester & Elmer Demond)
  9. 9. Here At Night (Featuring Amber Navran & Elmer Demond)
  10. 10. Roll Credits (Featuring Elmer Demond)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 18
    Culver City, CA, US Black Panther and The Urban Renewal Project at Veterans Memorial Park
  • Sep 20
    San Francisco, CA, US Balanced BreakFEST 2018
  • Sep 23
    San Pedro, CA, US The Urban Renewal Project at USS Iowa
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