New Releases For March 25, 2016

The Thermals
We Disappear

The Thermals - We Disappear

They say that the mark of intelligence is the ability to hold two disparate and conflicting truths in the mind at the same time: I am a good person; I am not a good person. We Disappear lives in this delicate, in-between place: at once hard and noisy, while also soft and personal. And seeming contradictions abound on this album. We Disappear is an all-too-real, dark, and intensely personal album – in the past most of singer Hutch Harris' lyrics have been mostly fictitious tales – about how we try to outrun demise, whether personal or physical.

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"Hey You"


  1. 1. Into The Code
  2. 2. My Heart Went Cold
  3. 3. Hey You
  4. 4. If We Don’t Die Today
  5. 5. The Great Dying
  6. 6. In Every Way
  7. 7. The Walls
  8. 8. Thinking Of You
  9. 9. Always Never Be
  10. 10. Years In A Day

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