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The Textones
Old Stone Gang

The Textones - Old Stone Gang

After a 30+ year hiatus, the Textones have delivered a new studio album, Old Stone Gang, the follow up to their ‘80s releases Midnight Mission and Cedar Creek, both released on A&M Records. The new album once again shows the tenacity of a band with a long history, one of considerable achievement in the face of some tough breaks. The Textones are, in vocalist/guitarist Carla Olson's words "A hard-rockin' The-Who-Meets-The Stones kind of band, with a little Byrds or Beatles jangle thrown in." "I think the new album is just as viable and important and relevant as Midnight Mission and Cedar Creek.

TAGS: Americana | Rock

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"Old Stone Gang"


  1. 1. Downhearted Town
  2. 2. Bared My Soul
  3. 3. Old Stone Gang
  4. 4. 20 Miles South Of Wrong
  5. 5. One Half Rock
  6. 6. All That Wasted Time
  7. 7. Midnight Roundabout
  8. 8. Ghost On A River
  9. 9. Come Stay The Night
  10. 10. Carly Jo
  11. 11. Walkin’ Or Waitin’
  12. 12. Ride On

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