New Releases For May 26, 2015

The Textones
Cedar Creek (Reissue)

The Textones - Cedar Creek (Reissue)

Produced this time by Michael Stone and the band, Cedar Creek features 9 originals, including a co-write with original Textone Kathy Valentine, who left the group in 1981 and found fame with the Go-Go’s. And, much like its predecessor, legendary contributors like future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Ian McLagan and Howie Epstein make appearances.

In addition to the original album the oft-bootlegged 1987 performance from The Catalyst in Santa Cruz gets an official release. The blistering 8-track set features songs from both of the band’s albums.

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"Every Angel In Heaven"


  1. 1. Not Afraid
  2. 2. Every Angel In Heaven
  3. 3. Another Soul Searcher
  4. 4. One Love
  5. 5. Austin
  6. 6. Gotta Get Back Home
  7. 7. You Can Run
  8. 8. Cedar Creek
  9. 9. We Can Laugh About It
  10. Bonus Live Set Recorded At The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
  11. 10. Gotta Get Back Home
  12. 11. Not Afraid
  13. 12. No Love In You
  14. 13. You Can Run
  15. 14. Austin
  16. 15. Upset Me
  17. 16. Every Angel In Heaven
  18. 17. Standing In The Line

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