New Releases For September 15, 2017

The Texas Gentlemen
TX Jelly

The Texas Gentlemen - TX Jelly

TX Jelly moves between contemplative and raucous, encompassing the full breadth of the American experience. The music touches on blues, soul, folk, country, rock and gospel - from first track to last, you can feel the Texas Gentlemen reaching deep inside themselves and finding what’s genuine - what illuminates the truth of the country’s rich, complicated and singular artistic history - and delivering it the only way they know how: real, raw and righteous.

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"Habbie Doobie"


  1. 1. Habbie Doobie
  2. 2. Pain
  3. 3. Bondurant Women
  4. 4. Dream Along
  5. 5. Gone
  6. 6. My Way
  7. 7. Superstition
  8. 8. TX Jelly
  9. 9. Pretty Flowers
  10. 10. Shakin’ All Over
  11. 11. Trading Paint