New Releases For March 31, 2015

The Sonics
This Is The Sonics

The Sonics - This Is The Sonics

This Is The Sonics reunites original members Jerry Roslie, Larry Parypa and Rob Lind, backed by the powerhouse rhythm section of Freddie Dennis (The Kingsmen, The Liverpool Five) and Dusty Watson (Dick Dale, Agent Orange).

Broken up in 1967, the Sonics legacy remained frozen in time with classics like “Psycho,” “Strychnine,” and “Have Love, Will Travel”, awaiting discovery and directly inspiring generations of garage bands the world over.

This Is The Sonics picks up where they left off. Recorded in “Earth Shaking Mono” by producer Jim Diamond, known for his work with the White Stripes, and the Dirtbombs.

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"Bad Betty"


  1. 1. I Don't Need No Doctor
  2. 2. Be A Woman
  3. 3. Bad Betty
  4. 4. You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
  5. 5. The Hard Way
  6. 6. Sugaree
  7. 7. Leaving Here
  8. 8. Look At Little Sister
  9. 9. I Got Your Number
  10. 10. Livin' In Chaos
  11. 11. Save The Planet
  12. 12. Spend The Night