New Releases For August 23, 2011

The Slot
Break The Code

The Slot - Break The Code

Russian Alt/Metal band the Slot's Break the Code album is their debut English language album, but make no mistake this is a rock band in their prime and a band ready for international success.

Two years in the making, Break the Code was painstakingly translated into English language versions of the band's best songs. A manager/translator lived with the band for the past two years teaching them English and coaching them on how to speak to media & radio, etc.

Playing in front of thousands is a normal occurrence for the Slot in their native Russia - and touring the U.S. is high on their list of promotional goals. The Slot have created visibility for themselves in the U.S. via relentless social networking on Twitter and Facebook, and the release of high end music videos & multi-media trailers that constantly keep the fan base engaged and excited.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Break The Code"


  1. 1. Break The Code
  2. 2. Bullet
  3. 3. Alone
  4. 4. Lego
  5. 5. Two Wars
  6. 6. Kill Me Baby One More Time
  7. 7. Mirrors
  8. 8. Heaven
  9. 9. We
  10. 10. Vamp
  11. 11. My Angels
  12. 12. Dead Stars
  13. 13. Not Yet
  14. 14. Time To Go
  15. 15. Tick
  16. 16. Broken Mirror (Blue Stone Remix)