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The Robert Bensick Band
French Pictures In London

The Robert Bensick Band - French Pictures In London

“…proof positive that ‘70s underground rock still hasn’t yielded all its treasures.” - Ken Shimamoto / The Stash Dauber

In 1975, Cleveland multi-instrumentalist Robert Bensick assembled the best of the Cleveland underground and recorded an album at Todd Rundgren’s favorite Agency Recording. The result, French Pictures In London, remained unreleased for 40 years, languishing in the vault of a noted Hollywood soundtrack composer/sound designer...until now. A missing musical piece of Cleveland falling between Pere Ubu and the Raspberries. The brick red vinyl LP contains a free download; CD/LP contain extensive liner notes by Nick Blakey, and never before published photos.

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"8:30 PM Victoria Haze"


  1. 1. Payphone Meter Lover
  2. 2. French Pictures In London
  3. 3. Lilly White
  4. 4. Night Life
  5. 5. 8:30 PM Victoria Haze
  6. 6. Silly Man
  7. 7. Drink The Memories
  8. 8. After The Ball
  9. 9. Muse
  10. 10. In’s Been Changed To Out
  11. 11. Cinquain Attempted
  12. 12. Postscript To L.
  13. 13. Sweet Pricilla
  14. 14. Doll