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The Reverend John DeLore
Songs From Church Avenue

The Reverend John DeLore - Songs From Church Avenue

The lovechild of Leonard Cohen and the Angel of Americana, Songs From Church Avenue is the third album from the Reverend John DeLore, an unheralded artist out of Brooklyn who is building a solid (but still relatively underground) reputation among those who like their melodies spiked with poetry.

DeLore's first two albums deal in train-wheel rhythms and alt-country visions of American expanse, but Songs From Church Avenue puts the listener into a small, sparsely decorated room in a big city. The Americana feeling is still there in the music, but it's ornamented in a new way - with lovely, spacious arrangements, and with lyrics that paint a full, romantic picture with minimalist strokes.

For more information or to purchase music directly from the Reverend John DeLore, please visit http://thereverendjohndelore.bandcamp.com

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  1. 1. Envy
  2. 2. Many Moons Ago
  3. 3. Small Parade
  4. 4. Maria Says Berlin
  5. 5. Mercy
  6. 6. Our Troubles Again
  7. 7. A Bruise To Match Your Dress
  8. 8. Late Autumn Moon
  9. 9. Waiting For The Morning