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The Resistance

The Resistance - Scars

Scars is the full-length debut from the Resistance, the Swedish extreme metal band featuring former members of In Flames, the Haunted and Grave.

The 12-track album is a pure reminiscence to the good old days of Swedish death metal back in the 1980s/1990s when berserk bands like Entombed, Grave or Dismember proved how insanely brutal and relentless, yet immensely captivating and technically adept extreme music can be. Well, apparently some established Swedish musicians did miss them, so they put things right: They brought back the old Swedish death metal.

Available on CD, limited edition vinyl and digital download.

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  1. 1. Clearing The Slate
  2. 2. Your Demise
  3. 3. To The Death
  4. 4. Slugger
  5. 5. Imperfected
  6. 6. I Bend - You Break
  7. 7. The Serpent King
  8. 8. Eye For An Eye
  9. 9. My Madness
  10. 10. Warmonger
  11. 11. Scars
  12. 12. (I Will) Die Alone